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People of Arunachal are an athletic lot. We enjoy many forms of physical sports but Football is one which is very close to all. We are as passionate about Football as the nation is for cricket.

Though there are many who could be potential Maradonas, the lack of proper coaching and facilities mars their chances of reaching the higher echelons of this beautiful sports.


GRK has decided to try to fill this gap by a modest attempt at proper coaching. 


Shri Nyamar Loyi is a veteran of Arunachal State Football who has played across India for leading clubs.


He has

-After a rigorous selection process trained  under SAI (Sports Authority of India), Kolkata  for 2 years from 2006 to 2008.

-Played for Air India FC, Mumbai

-Played for BMFC, Mumbai

-Played for Guwahati Town Club

-Played for Langsining FC, Shillong

-Represented State in U-16 2 times in Mir Iqbal Hussain Trophy

-Represented State in U-21 team

-Represented State in Santosh trophy for 4  times

GRK is indebted to Shri Nyamar who will be training the young guns for the next many years

The football academy conducted various trials and selected 31 young boys and girls who will undergo training under the able wings of Coach Shri Nyamar Loyi. We wish them all the footballing success...

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