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First Ever River Rafting Expedition Carried out at Basar on 29th August 2017

For the first time ever a river rafting expedition was conducted at Basar under the aegis of GRK. 

The expedition started from Nyodu Village and after a day long rafting and angling ended at Siru Village.

The trial run was carried out to test the viability of rafting and angling as a popular tourist attraction.

Director of Donyi Hango Tours and Eco Resort, Pasighat, Shri Nino Dai assisted by Tobang Perme and Nang Lego led the expedition.

Shri Tajen Kamum, Vice president of GRK, Shri Nyomar Nyodu, Co-Chairman Basar Confluence, Shri Taya Riji, Coordinator Siru Unit and Shri Doni Riba, coordinator media cell GRK accompanied the expert team.

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