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Launch of Digital Presence of GRK on 04.01.2014

Minutes of the Meeting of GRK with youth of Basar area on 04/01/2014

Under the aegis of GRK, the Chairman, coordinating committee, GRK federal body, Er. Tomo Basar, invited all the educated youth of Basar area at his residence at Itanagar on 04/01/2014 to apprise the genesis and the perspective of GRK and to discuss on possibilities of use of Information Technology in the scheme of things of GRK and its activities.

The following members attended the meeting as given under ‘Annexure -A’.

The Chairman, coordinating committee GRK federal body, at the very outset welcomed all the participants while wishing them a Happy New Year! He outlined briefly on the reason and the perspective with which the GRK was formed. The reason; to participate with the people in the villages, where we were born, with motive to contribute towards the overall social growth in the society. The perspective; with the gap of demand and opportunities growing, to look out for alternative sustainable source of income and employment through land use, tourism, promoting sporting culture etc, which can be achieved by changing our mindset from being repulsive to receptive, dependence to being self dependent, intimidator to redeemer, casual approach to dedicated approach and bystander to doer, while also embracing We, Ours and Us over Me, My and I. He deliberated on the possibilities and prospects under land use; organic based integrated farming, pisciculture, animal husbandry etc. He also highlighted on the prospects of the tourism in our area in regards to cultural and ethnic heritage, eco tourism and rural tourism potentialities. While on tourism, he stressed on the need to change our behavior as he feels a tourist may visit a place once for its beauty but may visit several times for the beauty of its people.

He informed the gathering about the resolutions adopted on the first Foundation Day of GRK that was held at Soi Village on 06/12/2013, where, besides the people of Gori and Soi, people from different villages of Basar area also attended. One of the resolutions adopted there, was to convert GRK into a federal body for the entire Basar area with micro level GRK remaining as the field of activity with its nomenclature synchronized with GRK by suffixing with the first letter of village/villages’ name/names. This being the first meeting under the aegis of common GRK, called by its coordinating Chairman, the need and the importance of participation of youth was emphasized and the necessity of ‘Information Cell’ to be manned by I.T. savvy youths was underlined and placed before the gathering for discussion. The information cell if formed could have the following roles & responsibilities:

i) To act like a Wikipedia on information’s about Basar, vis-a-vis culture, ethnicity, place, geography, facilities etc.

ii) To have its own website and maintain, update and regulate it. The website should be designed with future perspective besides being user friendly. It may also have features of polling which could be used in the long run to arrive at majority view on any contentious issue.

​iii) Identification/Collection of information’s on potential tourist spots, events, culture etc and gather history, mythology or aura attached to it.

iv) Collection of photographs on anything with potential for tourism. Photographs should be taken with professional skill and at the right time. For e.g to showcase the mass exodus of fishes from river to a small stream/nallah (Ngou chanam), photograph has to be taken during monsoon when the phenomena actually occurs, taking photographs while animals and birds are drinking salty water at Hoi, taking photographs of bats inside the caves (Tapen Penru) etc.

v) To make efforts to encourage collection of interesting photographs through some incentives. In the early phase we will have freedom to collect as much information’s about our place and present the way it suits us. But, once we have introduced ourselves to the world, we would automatically be branded under some category by the viewers or experts as per their own criteria which may not be exactly to our liking. Therefore, before rolling ourselves out to the world we should take all necessary precautions to make the launch as perfect as possible.

vi) Promote healthy living. This should be a movement within movement amongst the youth. The information cell can act as catalyst through dissemination of advantages and other related information’s including inspirational stories.

vii) Promote organic cultivation. Information cell can collect and disseminate informations on the training avenues for human resource development, Loan/ Subsidy facilities etc.

The Chairman appealed all the youth to : Dream big but to make the pursuit bigger; Deliver as one ; Deliver thinking as one’s own ; Deliver without expectation ; Deliver differently and innovatively. He finished his deliberation by calling on the youths to adopt GRKian life along with ones individual life.

Shri Goken Bam, Advocate and member, coordinating committee, GRK federal body also supported the idea of creation of Information Cell. He spoke about the need for promotion of tourism and potentiality of tourism while also opining that the educational as well as co-curricular activities should also be given utmost importance. He appealed the youths to abstain from ill acts of taking alcohol, drugs etc. He also highlighted about the proceedings at his native village Bam on formation of GRK.

Arch. Jumgam Basar reiterated the concept and objectives of GRK. He mentioned how the new generation has seemingly failed to carry on with the legacy of our seniors in regards to performing in the interviews for any recruitment. He also categorically mentioned the serious threat posed by the drug menace in our district where the number of HIV/AIDS infected people is understood to be rising at an alarming rate. Besides, he highlighted some of the ongoing activities of GRK like ban on hunting, fishing and picnics except in some specific area, sanitation programme, sports promotion etc.

Dr. Marto Nyodu emphasized the role of youth in making GRK successful and also highlighted the importance of integrated farming/ organic farming. He pointed out that Basar is so blessed that it has ICAR/KVK. However, he regretted that people have n’t really taken advantage of it in the farming sector. He also stressed that  farming can’t be a successful story without proper marketing network. Therefore, he strongly supported the idea of formation of Information cell. He also suggested that the GRK should look  towards education sector as well; like creating database of Diploma/Degree colleges for students, where students, that could not get chance through entrance/ quota can  avail admission. Lastly, he thanked the GRK for mobilizing  sanitation movement in few villages and requested for spreading such movement in other villages as well.

Shri Iri Riba, emphasized the role of youth in any social movement. He asked the youths not to go for easy money and asked them to nurture ambition and objectives in life. He declared his whole hearted support for GRK and its initiatives. He opined that it is time we look towards change in mindset and endeavor for the upliftment of rural economy. We cannot just sit and wait for Government and political leaders to do everything. We need to come out of this dependency syndrome, and rather look towards agro-based economy. In the area of marketing our products, he felt that setting up of cold storage etc. may become crucial. He also related the importance of sanitation in the villages to economical development. He further shared his experiences of foreign exposures. Last but not the least, he appreciated and supported the idea of setting up of IT cell.

Shri Gope Gara while appreciating the objectives and the initiatives of GRK requested its members to conduct meetings in Dari circle also for creating awareness within the people of Dari circle as well.

Er. Jobom Bam emphasized that, in order to encourage farming amongst the villagers, we need to first show them with successful examples. According to him, many people have tried earlier but couldn’t achieve much success in agro-based farming due to lack of awareness within the people and with incidences like theft and problems in maintaining fencing etc. He endorsed the need to form IT cell.

Shri Dagmik Riba highlighted on potential tourist spots available at Padi village like Tapen penru and elephant head shaped stone.

Er. Goge Basar while also agreeing on the need of an Information cell suggested need to uploading of information to Wikipedia and sharing of resources.

Shri Mimar Basar, who is a Pisciculture spoke on how pisciculture can be a sustainable source of income and explained on the precautions and processes required for making a fish farming a profitable venture.

Shri Marto Basar supported the creation of IT cell.

Shri Temnya Geiyi spoke on the need to prevent the domestic animals like goat from grazing openly in the villages which otherwise finishes off orange trees etc. He also assured to work for the cause of GRK.

Shri Marnya Angu, while agreeing on the idea to declare Nguda Pokcho area as a sanctuary, wanted it to be confirmed if it is not part of a reserved forest. He also strongly supported the idea of Information cell.

Shri Moken Basar, ADO spoke about the importance of IT cell and sharing of agriculture related informations through IT cell.

Shri Tojo Basar, ADO shared his thoughts on promotion of agro- based industries and maximising utilization of youth force. He further suggested that IT cell could have members from each village.

Er. Bomken Basar talked about importance of internet in promoting the area. He stressed that the potentiality should be converted into opportunity through social collaboration. Eco tourism can become backbone of our tourism with numerous prospect, he opined. He also suggested the need to encourage the educational tour of some schools to learn tourism initiatives. He further mentioned on nominating a competent tour operator/agency.

Er. Tomo Basar, Chairman, coordinating committee, GRK federal body, while appreciating all the participants for airing their views, called on the house to endorse or reject formation of Information cell (IT cell) under GRK through hand raising, as majority could not get opportunity to speak due to time constraint. The gathering unanimously exhibited its acceptance to formation of IT cell with 100 % of attendants raising their hands in acceptance. Subsequently, with endorsement of the house, an Information cell comprising of following members was constituted:

      Shri Moken Basar ADO    – Chairman

      Er. Doni Riba                      – Secretary

      Er. Bomken Basar              – Secretary

      Er. Jobom Bam                   – Member

      Shri Mimar Basar               – Member

      Shri Ito Angu                       – Member

      Adv Marto Nyodu               – Member

      Miss Topu Ango                  – Member

      Er. Goge Basar                     – Member

      Er. Todar Basar                   – Member

The newly constituted committee was requested to meet shortly and get its act together to firm up short  term  plan, midterm    plan and  long      term     plan        of activities. The Chairman, coordinating committee, GRK thanked every one and closed the proceedings of the day.

Sd/- [TOMO BASAR] Chairman,coordinationcommittee, GRK Fed Body

Copy to:

1. All the Members of Coordination Committee GRK Federal Body for information.

2. All the President GRK micro units for information.

3. All the Members of Information Cell of GRK.

4. All the Senior Citizens/ Officers/ PRI members/HGBs/GBs/youths of Basar area for


5. Office Copy.

Sd/- [JUMGAM BASAR] Member Secretarycoordinationcommittee, GRK Fed Body

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