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Launch of Digital Presence of GRK on 27.10.2013

Minutes of meeting on 27/10/2013 for discussion on the ways and means to make use of NGUDA POKCHO for the interest of society.


As a part of endeavour of the Govt. employees to participate with fellow members in the villages on the common goal of achieving social growth and as an attempt towards searching possible options of self sustenance and future engagement of our younger generation, a gathering of Panchayat leaders, elders and youth was organized at the residence of Er. T. Basar, Chief Engineer, PHED on 27/10/2013 to discuss on the possible use of Nguda Pokcho area for overall area’s interest and social growth.


The meeting was chaired by Shri Eken Riba, Ex Minister, Go.A.P. The list of participants is attached under Annexure A.

1) Er. T. Basar, Chief Engineer, PHED while welcoming all the participants, highlighted the aim and objectives of the meeting. He mentioned on the growing demand for employment and business opportunities and impressed upon the need to look for ways and means of self employment and self sustenance through land use and tourism. With his recent expedition to Hido Hidi (water fall) in Hipo area, he opined that there is an immense potential of tourism in the area with number of nature’s beautiful spectacles like waterfall stuffed with bee hives in the surrounding, Hoi (area oozing salt water where animals and birds come to drink and feed themselves), Ngou (small stream joining the river where large number of fish come to lay eggs seasonally), Tapen Penru (caves where bats reside) and Hobe Berak (residing place of monkeys) etc.With these God gifted marvels around, he shared that with little bit of human intervention mainly in the form of self imposed restriction on hunting, fishing etc. and support from the Govt., these natural gifts could be converted into a serous source of employment for the unemployed youths in long run. He stressed the need of community to come together and particularly the youth to join hands in creating publicity and narrating the myth and the aura attached with each of these locations through Facebook and use of IT to create an interestamongst the tourist.

            He, further appraised all the participants about the Nguda Pokcho area being water shed area and the main catchment area for Kidi River, Hei River, Hingen River and Hipo River each and each river. Therefore, he emphasized on the need to conserve the forest coverage in the area to maintain the otherwise already reduced discharges in the above mentioned rivers. He placed before the gathering; the possibility of converting the Nguda Pokcho area into a community conserved forest and a community motivated sanctuary so that the objective of protecting the catchment area is met while also some benefit to the community through tourism can be achieved in the long run. He requested the participants to share their views on the basis of presentation to be made by Shri Igam Basar, a panelist in the board for framing guidelines on community conserved forest in the state.


2) Er. T. Basar, Chief Engineer, PHED also briefly highlighted the objectives and initiatives under GRK (Gumin Rego Kilaju) and flagged the need to have a common organization for the entire area. He also flagged the concept and the need of satellite town contiguous to the limits of Basar township, where, future development can be taken up as envisaged in a master plan and all relevant needs of an urban town including residential plots for the deserving people of not only Basar area but beyond also can be accommodated.

            Lastly, underlining the need to think out of box and think together, he appealed all the Panchayat leaders to encourage participatory approach in decision-making and conduct timely meetings at all levels involving elders and youths wherever needed.

3) Shri Igam Basar, Mission Director (R&D) Horticulture, appraised the issue of public interest regarding community conserved forest and relevant subjects thereof. He however, informed that guideline though is submitted to the State Govt., is yet to be approved. Keeping his deliberation on the basis of guideline submitted to the Govt., he informed that under CCF, tree felling will be disallowed but a socio economicbased activity like planting medicinal plants and extracting the same may be allowed. Even the extraction of canes without extinction of the mother plant may also be allowed. But, he requested all the members to unite together to conserve the forest in totality with nil human intervention, which will be more beneficial in the long run in terms of protecting the catchment area and in promoting tourism. He supported the idea of converting the Nguda Pokcho area into a community-conserved forest and a community motivated sanctuary.

4) Shri Jonya Basar, ZPM, while welcoming and appreciating the concept placed before the house, requested all the people of the peripheral villages of Nguda Pokcho area to support and cooperate with the idea.

5) Smty. Tonyir Basar, ZPM, also supported the proposal and took the opportunity to appraise the house on the lack of teaching staffs in the rural schools which contributes to accumulation of students at Basar township thereby adding economic pressure to the poor parents and also creating insecurity at times for the girl students due to unsafe leaving conditions and hence requested every one’s effort for strengthening the posting of teachers in the rural areas.

6) Smty. Chokbi Riba, Anchal Chairperson, supported the idea proposed on Nguda Pokcho area and the whole GRK concept and informed the house that Pagi and Disi villages shall also initiate the social movement in the line of GRK.

7) Smty. Yahar Bam, Anchal Chairperson, also supported the Nguda Pokcho issueand implementing GRK concept for the overall growth of the areawholeheartedly.

8) Ikar Riba, ASM, Pagi-II, while supporting the idea of converting the Nguda Pokcho area into a community conserved forest and a community motivated sanctuary, also informed the availability of waterfalls in Pagi area as well. He further assured the house that GRK concept shall be initiated in Pagi area shortly.

9) Shri Ligo Basar, ASM Gori-I, also endorsed the ideas presented on the day.

10) Shri Marrik Basar, while excepting the suggestion for conserving the forest under Nguda Pokcho area, also suggested that Chemte area near Kamdak/Everest could also be thought of as a protected place because of high percentage of animals found in the area.

11) Shri Bomjar Basar, ASM, Gori-III, also supported the idea proposed on the day and assured his full cooperation for the purpose.

12) Shri Tojo Basar, ASM, Gori-II, shared the natural beauty of Hido hidi and strongly opined that the place could be promoted as an attractive tourist destination. He also endorsed the idea of CCF for Nguda Pokcho area.

13) Shri Henka Basar, ASM, Gori-I, at the outset ,thanked Er. T. Basar, Chief Engineer, PHED for exploring Hido area and facilitating exposure of the hidden beauty around the place to the mass, through cable network etc. On the issue of converting the Nguda Pokcho area into a protected watershed area and probable future tourist destination, he fully endorsed his support and assured the house to share the idea amongst his co-members in the village to develop a consensus opinion on the matter.

14) Shri Margam Riram, ASM Eshi Chiku, while appreciating the initiative, also assured his full support on the idea. He however, also mentioned the need to take all the house hold of the peripheral villages in particular into confidence for meaningful implementation of the concept.

15) Smty Toi Dirchi, ASM, Disi, also supported the proposal and assured to take the idea back to the village and share with them to develop their opinion on the matter.

16) Smty Jumbom Basar, ASM Nygam-II, thanked all concerned for the initiative and strongly supported the cause. She also mentioned of empowering women in the society.

17) Smty Bingam Basar, ASM Nygam-III, also supported the idea whole heartedly.

18) Shri Tago Basar, Retired Director, Agriculture, while supporting the proposed idea also took the opportunity to share his personal experience and knowledge in the field of agriculture/horticulture and impressed upon the youth in particular to go for innovative concepts of agriculture and horticulture like multi cropping, composed pit and the whole gamut of composite farming.

19) Shri Goken Basar, Retired Director, Industries, while appreciating the concept suggested that keeping in touch with people from Rinakadu area and also areas like Zirdo, Dari, Echi, Dali Chisi and Padi etc. may be necessary.

20) Shri Seni Riba, Ex. ASM, supported the idea whole heartedly and also mentioned about a Tangik Nginrak (Beehives) at Disi area.

21) Shri Dakto Basar, Ex ASM, while narrating the past way of life, advised the house to utilize the services of old and experienced people on expedition and exploration of the areas.

22) Shri Tajen Kamum, Ex. ASM, in his deliberation, supported the Nguda Pokcho issue. While appreciating the initiative under GRK, he requested for clarification of certain apprehensions in regards to restriction on extraction of jungle products for domestic use and taking bath in the river etc. He also referred the advice of Er. T. Basar, Chief Engineer, PHED to develop a new habitation in the no man’s land available beyond Sibe Siru and Nyodu’s limits with people from the entire area which he felt was a great idea that could be still considered. He also proposed for possible dam at Hibum area in future for meeting the power requirement at the same time to enhance the beauty of the area through impounding of water.

23) Shri Toi Basar, Ex. ASM, suggested that in future, facilities like accommodations and waiting sheds should be taken up along the route of Hido Hidi. He also suggested the need to protect Hei and Kidi rivers from pollution as so many families are dependent on the WRC fields down below. On the issue of restriction on extraction of jungle products for domestic purposes, he clarified that the restriction is only for commercial extraction not for domestic use and he also informed that there is no restriction on taking bath in the river provided no pollution is contributed to the river or the area around the bathing place.

24) Shri Tomar Basar, Asst. Secy GRK, while supporting the whole idea, emphasized that convincing the people of the peripheral village shall be crucial.

25) Shri Marpin Basar, Gen Secy, Youth Congress, appreciated the GRK for being a non political organization and doing good work for the social growth of the area. He suggested that annually under common GRK forum the issues pertaining planning and development of the area could be discussed. He welcomed the idea of CCF for Nguda Pokcho area.

26) Shri Eken Riba, Chairman, while expressing happiness on felicitating the subject of conservation of forest around Nguda Pokcho and converting it into some kind of sanctuary for public discussion, thanked the host for the day which according to him could turn into a historic day. He also appreciated the way all the participants received the idea and shared their inputs. He agreed that it is time, all of us come together to think as one, for the betterment of our area. He advised all the Panchayat leaders and the youths to remain dedicated, hardworking and focused. While summarizing the proceedings of the day, he echoed every ones sentiments to conserve the watershed area of all important rivers for future generations. While endorsing the need to look for alternative opportunities of self sustenance, he advised the Panchayat leaders particularly of the peripheral villages of Nguda Pokcho area to appraise their fellow villagers on the likely future benefits through tourism and land use. He also requested Shri Igam Basar to timely intervene whenever needed and update the development on CCF.

27) Participants, who could not get opportunity to speak, registered their views/ suggestions in writing.

28) Following decisions were taken through voice vote which was unanimous.

28.1 A grass root level committee of all ASM’s from peripheral villages of Piri, Sago, Eshi Chiku, Gori, Soi, Pagi, Disi, was formed with Shri Henka Basar, ASM Piri as Chairman and Shri Margam Riram as Co-Chairman.

            It was resolved that each ASM shall conduct a Gram Sabha on the issue within his or her village which could be exclusive one or a regular Gram Sabha with other items on agenda as well. The decisions shall be minuted. In case of any confusion or clarification required by any of the villages, the Chairman/Co-chairman shall contact Shri Igam Basar, Mission Director (R&D) Horticulture Department, for expert intervention.

28.2 An area level committee of two ZPM’s of Basar Zilla, ZPM Dari, two Anchal Chairpersons of Basar Zilla and Anchal Chairperson Dari with Shri Jonya Basar, ZPM Basar as Chairman and Shri Hengi Riba ZPM Dari as Co-Chairman was formed. This committee will co-ordinate to appraise the villagers of Zirdo, Zime, Dari, Echi, Dali, Chisi and Padi on the issue and will endeavour to bring them into confidence on the said motive.

28.3 Er. T. Basar and Arch Jungam Basar shall appraise the senior officers of the area, particularly those belonging to peripheral villages on the concept and the effort required.

28.4 It was agreed to complete the opinion polling exercise within a period of two months.

29) Shri Hengo Basar, PD, Changlang, took the opportunity to dwell and advice the Panchayat leaders on various R.D programmes and more importantly on the efforts required from the Panchayat leaders to facilitate receipt of maximum fund from GOI and thereby maximize the output in the field. There was virtually a class room like interaction between the Panchayat leaders and Shri Hengo Basar as the resource person which would have benefitted the Panchayat leaders immensely.

30) Before proposing vote of thanks, Arch. Jumgam Basar took opportunity to highlight the menace of drugs and its related complicacies and how it is growing slowly in our areas. He requested all to take note of it seriously and join together to fight it in its infancy. The meeting ended with vote of thanks from Arch. Jumgam Basar.

Dated: 10/11/2013

(Eken Riba) Chairman.

Copy to all concerned.

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