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Minutes of Meeting of the First Foundation Day Held on 6th DEC'2012 at SOI VILLAGE, BASAR

MINUTES OF THE MEETING The first ever Historic Conference of Gumin Rvgo Kwlaju (GRK) [ …a Collaboration of Positive minds for social growth….] was held at the residence of Er. Tomo Basar, Vice President GRK at Basar on dated 6th December 2012. The meeting was chaired by Shri Bokar Basar, President GRK and attended by all the office bearers of GRK, Panchayat leaders, HGBs, GBs, Senior citizens, youth leaders, women representatives and students of Gori and Soi villages.

Shri Bokar Basar, Shri Tomo Basar, Shri Hengo Basar and Shri Jumgam Basar explained the aims and objective of GRK in detail. The meeting was historic in true sense due to active and enthusiastic participation of all people of Gori and Soi village. After marathon discussions, the following resolutions were passed and adopted for implementation with immediate effect:

1. Gumin Rvgo Kwlaju (GRK) shall be a non- political which will work for socio economic development of Gori, Soi and its adjoining areas in particular and people of Basar in general.

2. GRK will work for abolition of clan system (Ali system/Rumtum system) except where chanting of genealogical origins are required in rituals. This will ensure a society free of divisions based on Rumtum system/Ali system which sometimes jeopardize social justice.

3. The House decided to promote better education through counseling, felicitation, library facility etc. for schools in its areas.

4. The House entrusted the Headmaster and teachers with full power and responsibilities to guide and maintain discipline in schools.

5. Annual Interactive Teacher-Parents meet shall be organized at least once in a year by School Managing Committee and Teaching Faculties for better understanding and appreciations of the problems of schools. Action to be initiated by Headmasters and Secretary, School Managing Committee.

6. The Games and Sports activities are to be encouraged. For this, the Games and Sports Committee of both Gori and Soi Village shall take pro active action in identifying the talented youths. A talent hunt team comprising of following members were constituted for identifying young talents:

1. Shri Karsang Basar : Chairman 2. Shri Gomar Basar : Member 3. Shri Moli Basar : Member

7. A Green Committee comprising of following members was constituted for submitting a comprehensive report on viable horticulture, floriculture, agriculture, organic farming projects that can be taken up based on agro climatic conditions of Basar within a fortnight of issue of this minutes:.

1. Mr. Egam Basar : Chairman 2. Mr. Henrik Basar : Member 3. Mr. Behen Bame : Member 4. Mr. Tojo Basar : Member 5. Mr. Kengam Basar : Member

Further, the Green Committee shall be responsible for conducting workshops with participation of Resource Persons from other States with experiences of success in similar conditions to motivate our farmers. They shall also co-ordinate awareness campaigns on DRUGS ADDICTIONS, PAN/GUTKA /CIGARETTE/ALCHOHOL ADDICTIONS AMONG OUR YOUTHS/STUDENTS AND SENSITISE PARENTS ON ALL ISSUES OF ADDICTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

8. Crash courses on following fields will be arranged to encourage skill development for self employment: I. Painting II. Carpentry. III. Masonry work. IV. Marble fitting. V. Plumbing VI. Beauticians.

9. Village level Disciplinary Committee (VLDC): The need for Village level Disciplinary Committee (VLDC) was felt necessary after prolonged discussions in several meetings. The need was felt due to many reasons that cripple and decay our society today. It is observed that today our society is ridden with indiscipline, laziness, addictions like alcoholism, drug abuse, falling standard of education, lethargy among youths and unemployment. Due to lack of proper direction and guidance, the youths which are considered backbone of the society is indulging in unwanted and unproductive activities such as gambling, smoking, boozing and spreading indiscipline among younger lots.

The age old culture of respecting elders and loving younger ones are missing in our characters and behaviors. The morality and disciplines have become a trait difficult to find in our younger generations. The collective decision making and living together in complete peace and harmony with nature in olden days are now thing of past. The mindless deforestation, fishing and hunting are destroying our eco system. The flora and fauna which was our assets in earlier days are now quickly vanishing. The perennial rivers and streams are drying up due to deforestation of catchment areas. All these things will ultimately lead to a social unrest in future where our children will fight with each other for survival. The scarcity of resources will create chaos in the society and a time may come when we will lag behind in every sphere of life in compare to other Tribes of the State. 

Therefore, it is important that we take positive steps to redeem our lost glory and chart a path for sustainable socio-economic growth where energies of our youths are engaged positively for peace and prosperity. We need to evolve a system, where all our people are stakeholders in protection of our Forests, Rivers and wild animals for posterity. We need to evolve a model where our Guests/tourists are treated with respect and create avenues out of our hospitality. We need to work hard and work collectively to harness our resources such as land, rivers and forests for sustainable development maintaining perfect balance with our environment. 

For that we need to have a paradigm shift in our attitude and solve our own problems synergizing our approach and efforts instead of depending on outer interventions. Hence, the need for a Village Level Disciplinary Committee to coordinate and put in action our collective thought process that has manifested into resolutions adopted by the Villagers themselves on 6th December, 2012 at Basar as follows:

(i) The Youth presidents/secretaries of respective village shall lead in implementation of disciplinary actions. All the youths of the villages shall be volunteers in enforcing the orders of VLDC. They shall be assisted and advised by HGBs, GBs and Village Elders and all the Panchayat Members.

(ii) Imposition of ban on uses of liquors purchased from wine shops in social and traditional functions.

(iii) Imposition of ban on sale of local made wines like OPO (POKA)/NYOGRIN POKA in village shops. Exception can be made for selling of POKA /OPO during Gori Open Tournament.

(iv) Prohibition of playing cards, ludos, caroms,chess etc. in and around village areas which are unproductive activities.

(v) Imposition of ban on fishing of following methods like bombing, bleaching, use of generator, pansi-jal, net and arrow shooting, hibv-rinam, lipum-lignam, litv-tvnam except Hibok Pvnam, Vkvr vrnam and Tahum Kunam. This ban shall remain effective for 5 years initially and shall be reviewed subsequently for extending the ban.

(vi) Imposition of complete ban on hunting of any kind.

(vii) Penalty: A fine of Rs 5000/- on first offence and Rs 10000/- on second time shall be imposed. On third instance, FIR shall be lodged in Police station and booked under section 133 Cr.PC by the VLDC without any compromise.

(viii) Rewards: Informer/ Informers of any defaulter/defaulters shall be rewarded with cash equivalent of 50% of the fined amount.

(ix) The VLDC shall ensure that no picnic party from outside the village are organized in Gori, Soi and its areas/rivers which pollute environment due to littering of garbage such as plastic bottles, beer bottles, and polythene bags etc.

(x) The VLDC shall locate suitable area for fencing (Lura ragman) to keep domestic animals in a confined area for better management of crops, vegetables etc. They shall also work out modalities for managing the cattles in village such as Community Gumrv, combined fencing/sheds for Pigs, goats, cows etc for sanitation in villages. (xi) The VLDC will keep strict vigilance on sanitation of village and work for complete village sanitations and have the power to take action on any member who violates sanitation rules.

(xii) The VLDC shall work out modalities for constant review of implementation of their orders at regular interval at least twice annually.

10. The following Executive Body of VLDC were constituted:

The VLDC of Gori village: 1. Shri LG Tojo Basar :Chairman 2. Shri Miken Basar :Member 3. Shri Gobe Basar :Member 4. Shri Gopek Basar :Member 5. Shri Jumgo Ango :Member 6. Smt. Dubom Basar :Woman representative

The VLDC of Soi village: 1. Shri Marli Basar :Chairman 2. Shri Karbom Basar :Member 3. Shri Kargo Basar :Member 4. Shri Minken Basar :Member 5. Smt. Ringam Basar :Woman representative

The above Executive Committee shall be assisted/advised by HGBs, GBs and Village Elders and all the Panchayat Members.

11. The VLDC shall formulate annual action plan in consultation with Member Secretary, GRK and share its plan with Central Executive body of GRK for their views.

12. The VLDC shall ensure that any actions it takes or contemplates to take are in accordance to spirit of legal frameworks. Hence, the involvement of HGBs, GBs, and Panchayat Members in decision making process are to be ensured.

13. The VLDC is independent of GRK in terms of imposing disciplinary actions as envisaged above. The GRK being the part of village shall abide by the orders of VLDC in discharge of its duty as per as disciplinary rules are concerned.


[…a collaboration of Positive Minds for Social growth] Memo No. GRK/01/2012-13/ Dated ………….December,2012.

Copy to:

1. All the Executive Members of GRK for information. 2. All the Members of GRK for information. 3. All the Executive Members of VLDC for information and necessary action. 4. The Headmasters and Teaching Staff of Gori and Soi Villages for information and necessary action. 5. All the HGBs, GBs, ASMs, GPMs of Gori and Soi Villages for information and necessary action. 6. The School managing Committee of Gori and Soi schools for information. 7. All the executive members of Village youths of Gori and Soi for information and necessary action please. 8. Office Copy.

Sd/- [JUMGAM BASAR] MEMBER SECRETARY GUMIN RVGO KWLAJU […a collaboration of Positive Minds for Social growth

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