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Minutes of Meeting of the First Foundation Day Held on 6th DEC'2013 at SOI VILLAGE, BASAR

The 1st Foundation Day of GRK was commemorated on 6th Dec’ 2013 at Soi Village. All the HGBs, GBs, PRI members, officers, youths, senior citizens and intellectuals of the entire Basar area were invited. The attendance sheet is enclosed here with for reference. It was indeed a historic event due to huge participation of the invited guests, villagers, senior citizens of the area. The participation of Dr. Emi Rumi ,President GWS, Shri Eken Riba, Former Minister, Dr. Tajum Basar, Retd. DHS, Shri Tago Basar, Retd. Director (Agri), Shri Goli Angu Dy. Director(Industries) as resource person, senior officers from Itanagar and Basar, ZPMs, Anchal Chairpersons, ASMs, GPMs, HGBs, GBs and youths, cultural troops among others made the foundation day a very eventful and meaningful day.

The Foundation Day started with unveiling of ‘PILLAR OF UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD’ by Shri Bokar Basar, President GRK, Shri Hengo Basar and Er. Tomo Basar, Vice Presidents GRK, which was followed by a beautiful mega dance by youths of Gori and Soi Villages.

The eventful day proceeded with following agenda:

Shri Bokar Basar, President GRK, presided over the meeting. Shri Tojo Bam,ADO Basar, Shri Henka Basar ASM Piri and Shri Gokar Basar Former President GSU, were selected as Chairman and members of drafting committee respectively. The business of the day started with welcome address by Shri Chinya Basar, Secretary VLDC (Village Level Disciplinary Committee) Soi .


Ar. Jumgam Basar, Member Secretary GRK, dwelt in brief about the genesis of GRK and its performance over the last one year i.e during 2012-13. He opined that the Galos have been one of the pioneers and the torch bearers in fields, may it be education, business or social reforms and growth. He further added that ours has been a society based on tolerance, justice and democracy with opinion of the majority prevailing in the decision making process in the villages. It has been a democratic society since time immemorial and its cultural richness has pervaded to many parts of the State. But unfortunately, he felt that the younger generations have mostly become prone towards easy and materialistic life. The ideals of love, respect, work ethics, hard labour etc are apparently diminishing day by day. Hence, he observed that it is the duty of the senior members of the community to take upon itself to guide and lead the younger generations for better future by exploring the opportunities available in our own place. If all of us can put up a concerted effort for social growth, he exuded confidence that we can change our society for better and once again be the pioneers in setting a trend for social harmony, understanding and combined growth. He stressed that no angel or messiah is going to come and help us or lead our society, if we have to reach a destination; it has to be only us, who have to move forward. It was against this background that the govt. employees of Gori and Soi Village comprising of four ASM segments decided to form the GRK on micro level basis to experiment the idea of being a facilitator for social growth while participating with the villagers as an equal stakeholder. He mentioned with pride that the GRK is gradually becoming a movement with many of the villages in the area subscribing to the ideals of GRK which is a very welcome development, as the ultimate objective is to expand these ideas far and wide only. 

He informed the house that during the year 2012-13, under the banner of GRK, many village level reform works were carried out in Gori and Soi Village. He listed the following achievements:

1. Complete ban on hunting within the jurisdiction of the villages.

2. Ban on fishing except traditional way of fishing by the women folk only for 5 years within the jurisdiction of the villages.

3. Complete ban on use of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) such as whisky, beer, rum etc in any social functions. It has resulted into automatic restriction at individual homes also, except in homes with individuals having health compulsions which any way could be rare.

4. Ban on playing carom, cards, chess etc in village jurisdiction. This has encouraged the unemployed youth to spend their time more meaningfully by engaging themselves in productive works with their parents in fields.

5. Ban on sale of gutka, Tiranga and tobacco items and liquor of any kind in the shops/market in proximity of the two villages.

6. Ban of picnic and pollution of natural environment in the village jurisdiction.

7. Introduction of 73000 fingerlings in HIE RIVER.

8. Avenue plantation program along the village roads.

9. Conducting workshop on HIV/AIDS and drug addiction.

10. Total sanitation program and construction of toilets through NBA in 225 households of Gori and Soi villages; courtesy- Shri Tomi Ete, Secretary PHE and his team. The villagers took the sanitation program further by self imposing the restriction on strayed pigs. All the pigs have been put under enclosures “Gumpa” or “Gumre”. This has made the village immensely clean.

11. Organization of social service in the village to confer it a plastic and polythene free zone

12. Facilitation of football coaching for under-14 boys.

13. Organization of felicitation program of toppers of Class-VI, VII &VIII students of Gori Middle school and undertaking motivation/counseling activities in the school.

14. Facilitation of skill development training for 14 unemployed youth in the fields of masonry, carpentry, painting, marble fitting etc at Itanagar.

15. Encouragement of feelings of universal brotherhood amongst our people and discouragement of social divisions based on clan, title, religion and political affiliations.

16. The constitution of GREEN COMMITTEE to explore the possibilities of engaging our youths in horticulture, agriculture, medicinal plants, organic cultivation etc. for economic growth and self employment.

17. Exploring the possibilities for eco-tourism, cultural tourism and adventure tourism as alternative future source of employment for youths.


The commendation certificates with cash prize of Rs. 500/- was given to the following persons for their good work and dedication towards the cause of GRK:

1.2.1 Commendation certificate for GUMRE MOCHO NA:

​1.2.2 Commendation certificate for nurturing and caring of plantation:

​1.2.3 Commendation certificate for operating/maintaining of illuminated sign board at the entrance of Gori & Soi village:

i. Shri Ekar Basar - All Gori

ii. Shri Goto Basar - Soi

1.2.4 Best volunteers of GRK: 

1.2.5 Green Committee Volunteers - Shri Puto Basar

1.2.6 Masons who were responsible for erection of GRK Foundation pillar:

i. Shri Dakto Bam - Mason

ii. Shri Domo Sora - Mason


The Green Committee of GRK was reconstituted and ratified by the House as below:

                               1. Shri Henrik Basar H.D.O –Chairman

                               2. Shri Behen Bame, ADO- Vice Chairman

                               3. Shri Egam Basar, MD(R&D)Hortl.-Member

                               4. Shri Tojo Basar,ADO- Member

                               5. Shri Tomi Basar, D.A.O - Advisor

                               6. Shri Doge Basar R.F.O. - Chief Advisor.


Er. Tomo Basar, Vice President GRK, before making his power point presentation, extended warm welcome to one and all and appreciated their participation to make the event a special one. Through his power point presentation, he explained the vision of GRK and the way forward. The abstract of his speech and the presentation are reproduced below:

1.4.1 CHANGE OF ATTITUDE The development of any society/area cannot be achieved in isolation without active involvement of a large populace. The human resource development is the essence with which the bogie of the development can actually move or accelerate. But, unfortunately the idea of development in our context today is seemingly confined to materialistic or infrastructural 4 development. The inception of so called modern age has perhaps increased our need and made us prey to materialistic attractions. The political system particularly Panchayat elections has not helped the matter either. To add to the woes, we the Govt employees have also not contributed to help the cause in general. To the contrary, at times, we have misused the allegiance of our dear ones back at our villages for a vested interest or egocentric popularity or for a certain hidden agenda. The social fabric in the village has taken a hit in the recent times. With the unemployment only waiting to rise due to demand outgrowing the opportunities and business prospect shrinking for common man who are into petty works; tender and e-tender being call of the day, and with most of our elders who had been guiding our villages and keeping the flock together having died or destined insignificant and ineffective by either the old age or due to general degradation in our approach in life; we have a choice to make. Either, we leave the society to take its natural course of progression which may not take us to any happy destination or we the Govt employees intervene and try to be a catalyst for change in the society. Let us choose the second option and come together leaving all our differences, egos, vested interest and be part of the lives of our dear ones in villages where we were born. Let us spare atleast 15 to 20 days of our lives annually for our villages. Let us make a beginning to a journey of togetherness. Let us change our infatuation from I, Me and Mine to We, Us and Our. Let us change our mindset and approach from being repulsive to receptive, dependence to self dependent, intimidator to redeemer, casual approach to dedicated approach in life and bystander to doer. From the experience of the last one year, having come little closer to our brethrens back in the village, the silver lining is that they are still honest, mouldable, willing to listen and receptive of ideas. If only we can prove our sincerity, they are more than willing to embrace our ideas and put it into practice. And therefore, let us – the govt employees including our seniors who have retired, the Panchayat/Political leaders and the youth, team up, to take an opportunity to give a new direction to our approach in life and try to propel a social growth. Can our leaders particularly Panchayat leaders demonstrate a paradigm shift from the traditional way of considering generally on party based or vote bank based politics to inclusive and participatory based politics? Can’t the right beneficiary be selected irrespective of his/her political affiliation for any programme or scheme? If we can do so and change our strategy from more coverage without result to few coverage with result i.e by providing comprehensive benefits by combining schemes instead of distributing the schemes and its components on lump sum basis – the problem of not having examples or models shall most likely be sorted out. Let us reinvent our society, making it more inclusive, more tolerant, more united, more pluralistic, happier & prosperous than ever before. It is on these foundations, the movement of GRK was conceived in 2012.

1.4.2 While quoting Stephen Covey- “Happiness can be defined as the fruit of the desire & ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually”, the rest of the presentation continued with photo as well as video clippings pertaining to land use, tourism and sports.

With the concept of multi storied and integrated farming; a video on success story of an engineer from Kerela was shown during the presentation to inspire our unemployed youth for its replication. It was also highlighted through the data analysis by the Fertilizer Association of India that the land use based entrepreneurship encompassing traditional crops, medicinal plants, aromatic plants, fruits integrated with livestock husbandry and fishery etc is as returning an investment as any other competitive business.

The presentation also focused on the opportunities obtainable on tourism sector vis-a- vis rural tourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism & home stay. With rich cultural and ethnic heritage 5 including the folklores and its art forms: PONU, NYIDA PARIK NAM, NYOHO HONAM, YAAN-KABEN MENNAM still displayed in our villages, with a bit of totting up of elements like choreographic combination and concept, we could have a ready ingredient for tourists attraction. If we can observe the ban on fishing and hunting with missionary zeal, animal safari can also be a cause for inflow of tourists. If wilderness fair in Sweden, based on showcasing the primitive way of hunting and fishing can draw huge tourists, so can we, if only we can think together and think out of the box. With potential tourist spots like water fall, TAPEN PENRU (caves where bats reside), HOI (spring or a water body which oozes salty water that attracts animals and birds to quench their thirst), NGOU (where, seasonally, the fish from the main river move/jump up to the small streams in huge numbers to lay eggs presenting a mindboggling spectacle), HOBE-BERAK (shelter for monkeys in rocky cliffs) etc available in our area besides other biotic and forest resources, it is only a matter of changing our behavior, approach and presenting ourselves as a package to reap the benefit out of these privileges. Because, tourism eventually build on the aura and information created over a place, event, person, community etc only, therefore, our youth energy will have to be channelized to make optimum use of IT and its facilities like Facebook, Tweeters, web sites etc. Potential wise, there is no reason we should consider ourselves second to any of the prominent hill stations in India, be it Ooty (whose landscape utmostly resembles Basar), Mussourie or Shimla etc.

The need of the hour is formation of a common forum for the area: a federal body of GRK. A forum where issues of larger interest could be discussed. Where, we can have an information cell handled by IT savvy youths which will be responsible for collection, integration and dissemination of informations. A forum where we can have a COMMON GREEN COMMITTEE under it, which will take up the base line study on land use and mapping of land and water resources in the entire area and suggest the best options for the farmers along with marketing networks. This committee can also conduct workshops and educate people on updated farming technologies and importance of organic farming. Because, organic farming is an area, where, we can outscore others, with the kind of unpolluted and uncontaminated huge land and water resources available with us. With the concept of healthy living catching up in cities and towns, which may get a further push with entry of international retailers like Wallmart companies through introduction of FDI, the requirement of organic food is only going to grow. We need to be organized and little patient to take advantage of the situation.

We also can be inspired by Manipur when it comes to Sports. Despite too much of internal problems, mainly pertaining to terrorism, Manipur has carved a niche for itself in the world of sports. It may not be an overstatement if we say that the sports is one field which is responsible for employment of highest ratio of youth in Manipur. With the same genetic origin, there is every reason to believe that we can also do well in sports provided talents are identified in early ages, dedicated training and coaching are provided and the parents cooperate with their kids to chase their dreams instead of chasing success. A common GRK forum will also have role to play in building sporting culture in our area.

Therefore, a federal GRK body can be formed at the area level with the GRK at micro level remaining to be the field of activity. The federal body will be constituted with members nominated from the executive committees of micro units of GRK. If this experience works, we may expand it to Dari area, Tirbin area and so on.

Er Tomo Basar called upon the unemployed youth to plant minimum 10 productive trees (fruit bearing, timber yielding, medicinal etc) each year, henceforth at least till one gets a job and 6 also encouraged them to form groups to use the vast WRC fields for growing vegetables etc which otherwise are left unused for 6-7 months of the year in most cases. He ended his presentation by encouraging one and all to :

 Dream big but make the pursuit bigger

 Deliver as one

 Deliver thinking as one’s own

 Deliver without expectation

 Deliver differently


Shri Goli Angu, Dy. Director (Industries) was invited as a resource person to deliver on various schemes for self employment under Industries Department for the benefit of unemployed youth. He dwelt at length the need and ways for self employment in rural sector. He informed the house that the Deptt. of Industries in collaboration with VTPs sends students in batches for skill development. He further explained the various provisions under PMEGP and possibilities of value addition to our local produce. He also threw light on provisions of subsidies in transport, subsidies in hospitality sectors such as hotels, Hospitals, Leisure/Recreation facilities, old age home etc. and exhorted the youth to take full advantage of Govt. schemes. He ended with assurance of assistance and called for contacting him for any clarification.


The VLDC chairman of Gori and Soi villages, Shri L.G.Tojo Basar and Shri Idak Basar respectively, shared their experience of GRK activities undertaken during last one year and conveyed their thanks to GRK members for all initiatives. They extended their full commitment and support for future activities.


Sharing their experience and support for works done through GRK, the following representative spoke on the occasion:

i) Shri Mingam Basar, GB Gori –III appreciated all the works undertaken by GRK. However, he proposed for exempting hunting of wild boars and wolves which damage crops and kill domestic animals.

ii) Shri Dakkar Basar, GB Gori-I requested for steps to be taken for LURA SYSTEM to prevent mithuns and cows from damaging crops and bamboo shoots.

iii) Smti Yompok Basar shared that the restriction on strayed pig has not only made the village cleaner but has also removed the need to keep some one as guard to look after the paddy while being dried on the ground. Thereby, effectively, the decision has yielded an extra output, with the person concerned now being able to use himself/herself for other activity like collection of firewood, vegetable etc. She further opined that construction of separate room system as annexe in the village houses for young children should be banned for disciplinary reasons.

iv) Shri Tobom Basar, HGB Gori-III requested to share the fine collected from defaulters for fishing with HILE/HIBOK ATO. 7

v) Shri Henken Basar, HGB Soi expressed his gratefulness for organisation of GRK foundation day in Soi village. He too urged for confinement of Mithun and Cows within village jurisdiction.

vi) Shri K.Migo Basar, Block President Congress appreciated and promised his support to GRK . He also thanked Er. Tomo Basar for donating a mithun each to Gori and Soi VLDC.

vii) Dr. Emi Rumi, President GWS appreciated the works of GRK while also expressing happiness over the use of Galo script in the GRK scheme of things. He thanked GRK for carrying out the works of GWS and urged the GRK to work under the umbrella of GWS. He mentioned that the GRK concept of voluntary participation of people for developmental process could be the model of development in all Galo area and the State as a whole. He sounded nostalgic missing the old faces and remembering his connection with Soi village. He fondly mentioned how during his school days, he had accompanied Shri Dakto Basar for convincing the people in the village to donate land for establishment of SSB at Basar and prepared the letters/documents for the cause. He advised the younger generation in particular to remain discipline, dedicated and united.

viii) Shri Jonya Basar, ZPM appreciated the works of GRK and informed that Nyigam Village has also formed GRK. He requested people of Gori and Soi Village to follow the principles of GRK even in places where such system is not prevalent.

ix) Shri Bibom Kamdak, Range Officer informed that GRK like initiative has also been started in Kamdak area recently and he further appraised that collection of jungle produce by the outsiders for commercial purpose in the jurisdiction of Kamdak village has been restricted. He welcomed the idea of having federal body of GRK.

x) Shri Yimo Geyi, AE RWD assured to take up the concept of GRK in Galu village and requested for support from GRK. He supported the concept of common GRK.

xi) Shri Tojo Bam, ADO informed that the most of the GRK ideas were started in Bam Village few years back but it could not become impactful as only villagers were involved without participation of govt employees. He requested for GRK members to act as resource persons for creating awareness on the wonderful concept promulgated by the GRK.

xii) Shri Bommar Riba, President BASU (Basar Area Student’s Union) expressed his full support to GRK and the idea of converting it into a common body for the area.

xiii) Shri Henka Basar, ASM Piri assured that he will sensitise villagers and try to implement GRK initiatives in Piri village.

xiv) Shri Gojum Basar, Gen Secy PCC suggested that GRK should not be confined to Gori and Soi villages but spread to all other villages by organising awareness campaigns. He also felt that since we are talking of inclusiveness and area first concept, if needed and if there is unanimity of opinion, we should not be averse to taking any decision that will help our cause and promote the idea of inclusiveness, may it be a matter pertaining to our community, traditional practice, place or area.

xv) Shri Toi Basar, Ex-ASM informed that GRK concept has also been implemented in Nyigam – Regi Village jurisdiction. He wholeheartedly welcomed the idea of having a 8 common GRK body for the entire area and agreed to keep the nomenclature ok GRK- NR for Nyigam-Regi.

xvi) Smti Jumbom Basar, ASM Nyigam also spoke for complete ban of gutka, tiranga etc in the township.

xvii) Smti Tonyir Basar, ZPM agreed that due to GRK, village area has become quite cleaner. But she expressed her utter disappointment on situation in the town. She appealed everyone to contribute their bit in improving the cleanliness in the town limit as well.

xviii) Shri Marpin Basar, Congress leader requested for organising awareness camp in villages and appreciated the idea to make the GRK body area based.

xix) Shri Togo Basar, Advocate appealed every one for extending support for GRK movement so that its goal can be achieved for larger interest of all people.

xx) Shri Marge Basar, Ex-ASM also spoke on the occasion and supported the idea of GRK.

xxi) Shri Goken Bam, Advocate informed that already preliminary discussion has taken place to start works of GRK movement in Bam Village. He appreciated the involvement of officers in the movement and singled out their involvement as the reason for the success of the movement. He also welcomed the idea of converting GRK into a federal body.

xxii) Shri Nyaken Ango, HGB Gori-III requested for reviewing of ban on hunting as accumulation of Tigers in Gori and Soi areas have been prompted due to increase in number of wild animals, which thereby has created more danger for mithuns and cows. 1.8


Shri Bokar Basar, President GRK appreciated and extended his thanks to all the people for participating in the Foundation Day. He mentioned special thanks for the people of Soi village for organising the event successfully. In order to meet the conceived objectives of GRK, he emphasised that the GRK concept shall have to be spread out. Gradually, from micro level we will have to endeavour to move towards macro approach. Thus, he opined that a federal body as suggested by Er. Tomo Basar, Vice President GRK should be constituted immediately to take our ideas forward. He called on every one not to be complacent on the little achievement that we have made so far but to keep the spirit going and be prepared for hardship and challenges ahead. He wanted the desire for change to remain inflamed and the good beginning to take us through to the winning post.


i) In order to coordinate for formation of a Federal Body to take the movement of GRK to every village of the area, a Coordination Committee with following members is constituted:

       1. Er. Tomo Basar, CE PHED- Chairman

       2. Ar. Jumgam Basar, Deputy Director (UD)- Member Secretary .

       3. Adv. Goken Bam- Member

       4. Shri Nyomar Nyodu- Member

       5. Er. Yimo Geyi, AE- Member

       6. Shri Toi Basar- Member

       7. Shri Henken Riba- Member

ii) The title Gumin Rvgo Kwlaju (GRK) shall be common nomenclature for all the villages from now onwards, wherever GRK movement is established. Hence forth, the GRK Gori and Soi shall be known as GRK(gs). Likewise, if GRK is formed at Bam Village it shall be known as GRK(b) or GRK(bam). All the villages may suffix the first letter of their Village to GRK.


Shri Hengo Basar, Vice President GRK proposed vote of thanks to all the invited guests, Chairmen and Executive members of VLDC(Soi & Gori), all HGBs/GBs, ZPMs, Anchal Chairpersons, ASMs, youths and people of Gori and Soi village, DT cable, Er. Modak Riba AE and his PWD masons, cultural troupes, Pandal makers, PA system providers . He conveyed his special thanks to Dr. Emi Rumi President Galo Welfare Society and Shri Goli Angu, Dy.Director (Industries) for coming all the way from Itanagar to attend the 1st GRK Foundation Day. He also conveyed appreciation and gratitude to Shri Tomar Basar, General Secretary, GRK for providing sand and gravels from his quarry for Foundation Pillar construction free of costs. He also recalled the philanthropic act of Late Shri Dakkar Basar, CI and Shri Daggam Basar and their family for donating the Soi Primary School Field, the venue of Foundation Day and expressed gratitude on behalf of GRK and entire Soi Village. He expressed his appreciation to Shri Marrik Basar, ASM and his team for having sincerely worked for success of Foundation Day.




Copy to:

1. All the Executive members/members of GRK for information.

2. All the members of Coordination Committee Federal Body GRK for information.

3. All the Executive members of VLDC Gori and Soi Village for information.

4. All the Executive Members of GRK(Nyigam) AND GRK(bam) for information.

5. All the Senior Citizens/ Officers/ PRI members/HGBs/GBs/youths of Basar area for information.


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