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Minutes of the meeting & resolutions taken on the General Body Meeting of GRK held on 11th May, 2019

Date: 11.05.2019

1) The 3rd General Body Meeting of Central Gumin Rego Kilaju (in short GRK) was held at Multi Purpose Cultural Hall at Basar, Lepadrada District on 11.05.2019 (attendance enclosed).

Er. Tomo Basar, the outgoing President of Central GRK, Leparada who presided over the meeting expressed thanks to the People at large for their love, support and cooperation for the Executive Committee of 2017-19, and also thanked his EC colleagues for their untiring and selfless effort in the last two years for GRK. He informed the house about the objectives of the meeting which was to discuss on the issues pertaining to the GRK and way forward and to constitute a new committee.

2) Shri Karbom Riram, the outgoing Secretary General highlighted the achievements made by GRK during 2017-19 and urged the people of Leparada to extend their support to make Leparada a model district. The performance report is enclosed herewith.

3) Shri Doni Riba, incharge, Publicity & IC made a power point presentation of the works done by GRK in terms of promotion.

4) Shri Bomken Basar, Organising Chairman, BasCon spoke about the importance of GRK and the tremendous contribution it has made since its inception with BasCon as an example. He also spoke about the importance of GRK Football Academy.

5) Shri Marbom Bam, Treasurer, made a detailed presentation on account and expenditure pertaining to GRK and GRK Football Academy in the last two years.

6) The following members participated and shared their views:

• Shri Eken Riba, Ex Minister

• Shri Gojum Basar, Ex V.P

• Shri Doi Riba, Senior Member

• Shri T. Migo Basar, Senior Member

• Shri Toi Basar, President, GRK Nyigam

• Mrs. Geyum Riba, President, WWS

• Shri Toli Bam, SDAO

• Shri Hengi Riba, Ex ZPM

• Er Karme Riram, Secretary Genaral, KAWA

• Mrs. Jumbom Nyodu Basar, Women President, GRK Nyigam

• Shri Pegra Doke, Senior Member

• Shri Jummar Basar, S.P Aalo

• Dr Moli Riba, DMO Aalo

• Shri Rigo Bam, Member

After having a threadbare discussion, the house unanimously decided through a hand raising vote to continue the activities of GRK and to strengthen it further. As a way forward the house identified activities like Water Conservation measures to restore the quantity and quality of flow in our rivers, improve performance of education & to promote the concept of organic cultivation as priorities.

7) The House unanimously selected the following persons as the Executive Body Members of the Central GRK Basar for the tenure 2019-22:

• President: Shri Dagbom Riba

• Secretary General: Adv Kargo Bam

• Vice Presidents:

Shri Karbom Riram

Shri Nyomar Nyodu

Dr Dammo Riba

Shri Nyamar Riba

Shri Pegra Doke

• Secretaries:

Adv Mimar Basar

Shri Tojum Zirdo

Shri Getor Lombi

Shri Ikar Riba

Shri Gokar Riba

• Asst Secretaries

Adv Gojum Riba

Shri Karjom Basar

Shri Tonya Nyodu

Shri B Nyato Riba

Shri Marpak Gadi

Shri Linni Chisi

Shri Nyadar Basar

Shri Giken Riba

• President Dari Circle: Shri Marpak Chiram

• Secretary General, Dari Circle: Shri Nyato Riba

• President, Tirbin Circle: Dr Toyum Doke

• Secretary General, Tirbin Circle: Shri Tami Lombi

• President, Women Wing: Smty Jumbom Nyodu Basar

• Women Secretaries

Smty Henpi Bam Riba

Smty Yompok Bam Basar

Smty Toi Riba Dirchi

• Cultural Committee:

Dr Karbom Basar (Chairman)

Shri Mijum Riram (Secretary)

Shri Senge Riba

Shri Marjum Bam

• Treasurer: Shri Marbom Bam

• Asst Treasurer: Shri Chinya Basar

• GRK FA Chairman: The present team to continue till change in guard is decided by the President & Secretary General, GRK.

• BasCon Chairman: Shri Bomken Basar

• Co-Chairman: Shri Jummi Basar

• Chairman, Publicity & IT Cell: Shri Doni Riba

Shri Karyom Basar: Secertary

Miss Kenjum Angu: Asst Secretary

Miss Prakriti Varshney: Joint Secretary(National Capital)

• Land & Water Resources based Promotion Committee

Chairman: Dr Migo Riba

• River Cleaning and Conservation Committee

Chairman: Er Modak Riba

Co Chairman: Er Jomba Loya

Secretary: Shri Jumyi Basar

• IPR Consultant: Dr Topi Basar

• Coordinators- Itanagar

Shri Gonya Riba

Shri Moi Basar

Shri Rigo Bam

• Town Beautification Committee

Chairman: Shri Tope Bam

Secretary: Adv Mimar Basar

• Spokesperson: Shri Jumto Bam

• Advisers:

Shri Bokar Basar: Chief Adviser

Shri Bida Gadi

Shri Moto Nyori

8) The house also unanimously passed the following resolutions;

  • Tenure of New Executive Body of GRK henceforth shall be for 3 (three) years-2019-22 and so on.

  • Tenure of the Committees of GRK Dari & Tirbin Circle shall be Co-terminus with Central GRK.

  • The registration of GUMIN REGO KILAJU "GRK" with its registered office at Basar, and District WEST SIANG issued from the competent office of Registrar of societies, Dept of Tax & Excise shall be amended as DISTRICT LEPARADA with the rest remaining as same.

  • The Current Bank Account of GRK to be Converted to Saving Account.

  • The President and the Secretary General may expand and add committees on need base.

The newly elected Secretary General, GRK, Adv Kargo Bam accepted the responsibilities on behalf of the newly elected President, GRK and requested for continued support and guidance from all the concerned.

Shri Nyomar Nyodu offered the vote of thanks. He also took the opportunity to request the house to continue the support for GRK.

Er Tomo Basar

Outgoing President, GRK

Dated: 11th May, 2019

Copy to:

• Shri Dagbom Riba, President, GRK

• Shri Kargo Bam, Secretary General, GRK

• Shri Marpak Chiram, President, GRK Dari Circle

• Dr Toyum Doke, President, Tirbin Circle

• Office Copy

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