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Nguda Pokcho- the sacred Mountain at Sago.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The Hido Hidi Waterfall lies en route Nguda Pokcho

Nguda pokcho is a vast virgin forest with abundant flora and fauna .It has a beautiful waterfall “Hido-Hidi” about 70 meter tall with number of bee hives on the mountain cliffs on both the sides of the fall. Nguda pokcho area is a water shed area for 5 main rivers they are Hingen, Hipo, Echi, Kidi and Hei. The conservation of the catchment area in Nguda pokcho becomes crucial for the survival of the people of Basar and adjoining area. GRK is involved in motivating the surrounding villages to avoid Jhum cultivation in these areas and shun hunting and fishing so that in the process, the biotic lives and biodiversity can be preserved and used as tourism attraction to yield some economic benefit to the locals.

With beautiful waterfall, rivers, ngou’s (where, in summer huge number of fishes come to small rivulets or nallahs for laying eggs), tapen punru (cave as houses of bats), hobe –berek (homes of monkeys), uncommon vegetations like wild bananas etc, Nguda pokcho area is a treat for trekking lovers.

To trek in these magnificent sites, there are three different routes. One from Piri village, the other from Sago village and the third one from Pagi-Disi village side. For Piri route, one has to take a vehicle from Basar upto Piri village (about 17 Kms). From Piri village one has to start trekking on foot. The river confluence of Hingen & Hipo is about 3 and half hour from Piri. On the bank of river there is a small village “Hipo” with hardly 4 houses. One can stay overnight in the village with very receptive locals or else can put a tent on the bank of the river. From Hipo, the waterfall “Hido-Hidi” is reachable in 3 to 4 hours trekking through the river and its bank through a dense and attractive forest. One of the tapen penrus is reachable in half an hour from Hipo. Hobe berek is reachable in 20 minutes from Hipo. During monsoon, many rivulets joining Hipo and Hingen rivers become Ngou’s. With virgin and unintruded forest around, it gives a serene environment all through the trekking distance with freshness at its best.

Trekking from Sago village may take about 9 hours through the peak of Nguda Pokcho, where, there is unconventional wild banana known to be the property of the jungle deities “Yapom” and also a beautiful variety of bamboo which is not found elsewhere, besides, other bio-diversity treasures. There is also a swampy land, kind of a lake, which is associated with interesting stories of hunters losing their way without paying offerings to the Yapoms.

From Pagi-Disi side also Nguda pokcho can be trekked in about 9 hours through fascinating forest. There is a gushing spring also in Nguda Pokcho which converts into river Hingen as it flows downstream.

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