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Tapen Penru- Bat Cave at Dali

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Tapen Penru- Thousands of Bats can be spotted in the cave at any given time.

Padi village is 20kms from Basar township. Tapen penru with thousands of bat in any day of the year is reachable by half an hour trekking from highway near Padi village. There is a Tapen Penru near Degom, Tirbin also, which is quite interesting in terms of the depth of the Cave. Tirbin is about 30 Kms from Basar and falls under same Sub-Divisional Head quarter

Besides, there are number of unfrequented and deep caves & tunnels in Dari-Zirdo and Padi-Dali areaa which need to be explored.

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