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The Minutes of Meeting held on 12.05.2017



Minute of meeting

The 1st executive meeting of the central committee of GRK (GuminRegoKilaju) 2017-19 was held at Hotel Donyi Polo Ashok, Itanagar on 7th day of May 2017. The meeting was presided over by the President GRK, Er. TomoBasar and it was attended by the representatives of various federal constituents of GRK including Govt. Employees, PRI Members, General Public, Youth and Students.

The meeting began with welcome address delivered by Er. Markar Bam, CE, Vice President GRK. Then, the house unanimously endorsed the proposal of Shri Hengo Basar, former Vice President, GRK nominating Shri Karbom Riram, Deputy Director (Agriculture) as the Secretary General of GRK for the tenure 2017-19 in place of Shri Dagbom Riba, ADC who humbly had represented for replacement due to his busy official engagements and the distance of his posting place. Shri Karbom Riram gracefully and pro-actively accepted the responsibility of Secretary General GRK assigned to him. 

The President GRK while applauding the effort made by the previous and the first GRK central committee requested them to continue their patronage and support in taking the movement of GRK forward. He also called upon all the federal GRK members and public in general to continue the endeavour to turn our place into a better place for the posterity and into a place where, there would be bonhomie not only amongst the people but with nature too.  He reiterated the objective of we, ours and us and the need to contribute towards a society of equal justice and equal opportunities. The President also outlined the action plan (2017 to 2020) which could be objectively pursued by the new committee and opened it for discussion of the house. Shri Marpak Chiram, Rtd Director Accounts & Pension and former GRK central VP, while participating in the discussion impressed upon the need to imbibe GRK in our characters. Shri, Hengo Basar former GRK central VP and President GRKgori-soi, Shri Markar Bam VP GRK, Shri Bai Taba senior member GRKkamdak-everest, Shri Goli Angu DD Industry, Shri Mari Angu Under Secretary (AR), Shri JikenRiba VP GRK, Shri GomoRiba JE, Shri DagmoRiba President GRKpagi, Shri Nyomar Nyodu ex ASM, Shri YimoGeyi AE and Convenor GRKgalu, Shri Tojo Bam ADO, Shri Nyamar Doke President GRKpiri, Shri D Tojo Basar, Proprietor DT cable, Media partner GRK, Shri Kenmar Nyodu President GRKnyodu, Shri Nyamar Riba VP GRK, Adv Goken Bam GRKbam, Shri Jummar Basar, DSP Secretary General GRKgs, Shri Henrik Basar SDHO, Shri Gonya Riba Secretary CoSAAP, Shri Jumto Bam Secretary General GRKdari, Shri D Toli Basar Bazar Secretary(old Bazar), Shri Bomge Basar Bazar Secretary(staff canteen), Shri Jummi Basar President GRKnyigam, Shri Gomar Basar AR RGU, Adv Kargo Bam Secretary General GRKbam, Shri Karbom Riram Secretary General GRK and Shri Tajen Kamum VP GRK also participated in the discussion.

After threadbare discussion, the house present unanimously passed the under mentioned resolutions and adopted the same as under;

1) Expansion of GRK in Tirbin Circle and other left out villages of Basar and Dari circle. Subsequently to co-ordinate and share the ideas and concept in rest of the Bango’s.

2) Organizing Tours and Awareness programmes with emphasis on education.

1) Continue organization of Basar Confluence-BasCon.

2) Initiation on GRK football academy. 

Following subjects were also identified for perusal by the new committee:

1) Birding programme in Nguda Pokcho area

2) Engagement of expert for cave explorations

3) Trial on River rafting

4) Promotion of attractive spots like waterfalls, picnic/angling spots,British-Abor war at Ego-Hida confluence in 1848etc

5) Effort for heritage village

6) Cleanliness of habitations, rivers and environments.

Further, the house present also unanimously agreed to co-opt the following inclusions in the Executive Committee and selection of sub-committees on need base as given below:

1) Co-opted Advisory Board:

1) Shri Karyom Riram, Former President as the Chief Advisor

2) Shri Jummar Kamdak Advisor

3) Shri Marpak Chiram Advisor

4) Shri Momar Riba Advisor

5) Shri Marjum Nyodu Advisor

6) Shri Hengo Basar Advisor

7) Shri Bokar Basar Advisor

8) Dr Tajum Basar Advisor

9) Shri Tago Basar Advisor

10) Shri Gorik Dirchi Advisor

The tenure of the above body would be 3 years. Besides other advisory and field roles, they would be responsible for selection of the new committee in consultation with the sitting committee.

1) BasCon 2nd edition Committee:

In order to keep the continuity and utilize the exposure and experience gained from the first event, following two members have been selected to lead the organizing committee for the second event of Basar confluence. They may include additional members as per their wisdom to carry out the organizational works successfully. They will also work on the theme and other gamut of the event.

1) Shri JummarBasar DSP, Chairman OC

2) Shri NyomarNyodu Ex-ASM Nyodu, Co-Chairman OC

1) Land & Water based resource promotion committee:

This committee shall look into the possibilities and the required effort from the village/community side to make our area a sustainable and rich organic hub, progressive centers for animal husbandry and fishery activities etc. The committee shall also involve itself in R&D activities, IEC activities and in establishing market links etc.

1) Dr Karbom Basar DD (AH & V), Chairman

2) Shri Toli Bam SDAO, Member Secretary

3) Shri Bibom Kamdak RFO, Member

4) Shri Henrik Basar SDHO, Member

5) Shri Igam Basar Mission Director (R&D Horticulture), Member

6) Shri Kenbom Chisi DFDO Aalo, Member

7) Shri Tojo Basar ADO, Member

1) Media, Publicity and R&D committee

1) Shri Tojo Bam ADO, Chairman

2) Shri Doni Riba, Secretary

3) Shri Gomar Basar, Member

4) Shri Guruken Riba, Member

5) Shri Kargo Basar, Member

6) RCCN Aalo

7) DT Cable Basar

1) Legal cell: All legal issues pertaining to GRK shall be handled by this committee. This committee shall also revisit the bye-laws prepared for the GRK and suggest where amendments are required.

1) Adv Goken Bam Chairman

2) Adv GojumRiba Member Secretary

3) Adv Kargo Bam Member

4) Adv Mimar Basar Member

1) Chief Spokesperson Arch Jumgam Basar

Spokesperson Shri Jumto Bam

Any media communication pertaining to GRK activities shall be done through the spokespersons except on issues where the President or the Secretary General’s personal briefing is necessary.

1) Co-ordinators for central GRK

  1. Shri Bemi Nyodu for Nyodu Village

  2. Shri Royom Zirdo for Sibe village

  3. Shri Bomjum Kamdak for Kamdak village

  4. Shri Kengu Basar for Piri village

  5. Shri Gammi Riram for Sago village

  6. Shri Ito Riram for Eshi-Chiku/LipuNamchi village

  7. Shri K Jummar Basar for Nyigam village

  8. Shri Todak Riba for Regi village

  9. Shri Bommo Riba for Pagi village

  10. Shri Jummar Riba for Disi village

  11. Shri Taya Riji for Siru village

  12. Shri Bomka Bam for Bam village

  13. Shri Temmi Geyi for Galu village

  14. Shri Rai Basar for Kadi village

  15. Shri Gogam Basar for Chirne village

  16. Shri Karjum Basar for Nyobom village

  17. Shri Gokar Riba for Ego Yamin village

  18. Shri DominTasar for Pajo village

  19. Shri Mito Laye for Red Putu village

  20. Shri Jiken RibaVP GRK also co-ordinator for Dari village

  21. Shri Gokarriba for Jime village

  22. Shri Teka Rumi for Zirdo village

  23. Shri PradipChiram for Ego Rijo village

  24. Shri Nyamo Riba for Padi village

  25. Shri Nyamar Riba VP GRK also co-ordinator for Dali village

  26. Shri Bomjum Chisi for Chisi village

  27. Shri Karto Nyori for Rilu village

  28. Shri Migo Riba for Echi village

The house also unanimously selected Shri Marbom Bam, DD APEDA as the Treasurer of central GRK committee.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks from Shri Tajen Kamum VP GRK.

(Tomo Basar)

President GRK

Copy to:-

1. The Secretary General GRK

2. The Vice Presidents GRK

3. All GRK federal units

4. Panchayat leaders

5. HGB’s

6. Executive Members and persons concerned

7. Chief Spokesperson GRK

8. Media partners.


In pursuance of the decision taken in the Executive Committee meeting of GRK held on 17.06.2017, Dr Topi Basar, Associate Professor, National Law College Assam is hereby appointed as the Intellegent Property Rights (IPR) Consultant of GRK. She shall represent GRK on subjects related to IPR in any forum within or outside India.

( TomoBasar )

President GRK

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