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The Minutes of Meeting held on 29.07.2017

GRK(C)/Meeting-2/2017                                                                                                             02.08.2017

Minutes of the meeting

A consultative meeting of Executive Members of GRK central committee and office bearer’s of federal unit of GRK was held at the residence of the President GRK at Basar on the 29th July’2017. The issues discussed were patrolling of Basar-Bam stretch over rash driving resulting to fatal accidents, need to emphasise on education, river cleaning and conservation, BasCon2 celebration and GRK FA. The central committee was represented by the President, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary, Chairman   Media, Publicity and R&D committee, Co-Chairman BasCon2, Chief Co-ordinator BasCon2, Member Legal cell and Management Team members of GRK FA. The village units of Bam, Piri, Sago, Gori-Soi, Pagi, Nyigam, Nyodu, Galu, Kadi, Nyobom, Pajo, Regi etc were represented by their President, Secretaries, Executive Members and VLDC’s. Bazar Commities of old Bazar and Staff canteen were represented by their Secretaries.

There was a healthy discussion on all the subjects. While expressing deep sadness on the unfortunate demise of our respected and senior member of the society late Goken Bam, the urgent need to take steps to avoid occurrence of such accidents was agreed and the initiatives taken were reviewed while also dwelling on additional measures to be taken. The idea of cleaning rivers and taking up conservation measures in watershed area was received positively by all concerned with assurance of full commitment as and when central GRK committee decides to launch the same. Shri Toi Basar, President GRKnyigam drew the attention of the house on the pollution and misuse of Singen river by some unknown people as neither Nyigam nor Nyodu was taking the full responsibility of a custodian to patrol the river and impose the rules for its protection and preservation. The house decided to form a committee with Shri Ikar Riba Assistant Secretary GRK as the convenor with members from GRK Nyigam and Nyodu to firm up the responsibility. Similarly, the house unanimously assured dedicated response to any responsibility that may be assigned to each village GRK unit by OC BasCon2. On the possible harvest based festival to be included in BasCon2, many interesting suggestions came up. It was decided that Chairman BasCon2 would constitute a committee with Basar Gangi and senior members from Basar to decide on the event to be finally included within a short time frame.

  To improve education scenario, role of teachers and parents were exhaustively discussed. It was decided to organise an interaction meeting with the teachers of the area and work towards inculcating a practice among children of compulsory home study at a fixed time atleast 5 days a week. It was also agreed that the parents during the given time slot are themselves motivated to encourage their children by acts like keeping the television off, not indulging in merry making or  entertaining any gathering and being there with the children. The preparation of GRK FA was also reviewed with the members of the management team.

It was also agreed that any decisions that are taken should not remain just in paper or at discussion level, but it must be followed with sincere effort in the field.

The meeting ended with thanks from and for the Chair.

(Tomo Basar)

President GRK

Copy to:    

1. The Secretary General GRK

2. The Chief Spokesperson GRK

3. The Chairman OC BasCon2

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